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Rebecca is a business mentor, health expert, ex fitness model and an entrepreneur with a huge passion and desire to help women get the heck out of their own way and start making a living from their passions. She's your online bestie and ready to help you feel empowered, educated and inspired to create massive change in your life. So if you're ready for honest, practical and soulful lessons then you're in the right place. Each week she will share insights into the world of online business for health and wellness babes and on every other week she will share short bursts of positive inspiration.

You Don't Have to Do the Thing

This solo episode is a juicy one..Energy is everything.. Are you living, creating and being in your fullest expression and alignment?This episode is f...
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Hate to Follow

Umm yup this is actually a thing...Scroll. Screenshot. Send. Sh*t talk. Is it the new version of mean girls in our current times?Join me in this episo...
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