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Join hosts J and A as they spend some time discussing their favorite topics. Food and Crime. Listen to learn about the origins of food from a historical perspective; dive into many food firsts and why we eat what we do; also included with the true crime is investigative discoveries on the history of murder; stories of victims; and everything from serial killers to robberies.

Mini-Sode 1

We have given you a special episode to make up for us missing our episode last week! Enjoy J giving you a list of some wild crimes; and A giving you s...
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Episode 3: Valentine's Special

In this episode we discuss Valentine's Day Food Traditions; and a killer couple.  Find A's recipe at: Track: ...
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Episode 1: Firsts

In this episode J and A discuss firsts. What was the first fast food chain? Who do you think was the first serial killer? We bet you're wrong!  Find A...
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TRAILER: Recipe and ID

Check out the trailer for our new show about Food and Crime! Track: Oxygen — Scandinavianz [Audio Library Release]   
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