Recovery Voice

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Maria Scruggs shares her recovery journey from mental illness and invites you to join her in self care, routines, mini-challenges, and fun!

Self Care

Self care has become commercialized and gendered, but it is not that way. Join Maria Scruggs in exploring self care tips. Support this podcast
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It can be hard to date while managing a mental illness. Here are some pointers that have worked for me. Support this podcast
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S1E4 - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a seasonal type of depression. As we go through the doldrums of winter, we talk about some things we can do to re...
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Hope is like a muscle, that when you exercise it, it grows stronger. Here is a small summary of some things I did to increase hope in my life. Support...
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We will discuss why I think New Year's Resolutions fail and how we can make them work for us by using SMART goals. We will explain SMART goals and inv...
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