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The teaching and preaching ministry of Pastor Cody King and Redemption Calvary, a Calvary Chapel church in Commerce City Colorado.

1 Samuel 28

There is a spiritual realm that is just as real as the physical world around us. Though the spiritual is nearly always unseen, that does not make it a...
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1 Samuel 27

Entertaining a faithless thought will lead you to rationalize living in sin. David is in a very difficult situation and time in life that has been dra...
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1 Samuel 26

Many times the same situation provides both a test of our faith and a temptation against our faith. God will test your faith to prove your character w...
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1 Samuel 25:23-44

When you trust God to take care of it, you also trust Him to take care of you. God’s call to His people is that we choose to leave vengeance to Him. H...
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1 Samuel 25:1-22

If we are not careful, our strengths can become the things that sabotage what God made us for. Oswald Chambers said it this way, "An unguarded strengt...
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1 Samuel 24

The world is filled with so much evil that we can become numb to it or even fall to a fatalist mentality. Instead of allowing evil to prevail, we have...
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1 Samuel 23:14-29

The best spiritual guard for you and me is to remain perpetually in God's will, because we have no idea when the enemy's attack is going to come. If y...
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1 Samuel 23:1-13

Should I stay? Should I go? For Christians this question is typically part of a larger question that we ask, “What is God’s will?” Hearing God’s voice...
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1 Samuel 22

When you move toward responsibility you move toward God’s plan for your life. Your God given, God designed purpose is linked to how ready and willing ...
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1 Samuel 21

David is on a bleak road, and one of the great temptations that we face in times like these, is to abandon the Lord’s way in favor of our own way. Dav...
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