RedShirt Tailgate

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Two rivals, that became friends, and are talking college football.


Patrick and Jason perform a first round draft preview!  In true Redshirt style they go about the mock a little different, rather than predicting what ...
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CFB Championship & 2020 Look Back

Patrick and Jason review the dominating Alabama national championship win over Ohio State, was anything surprising?  One last beer and bourbon corner ...
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CFB Semi's Review & More

This week we review the CFB semi final games and give a preview of the national championship with a breakdown of position groups for OSU and Alabama. ...
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Bowl Review & Playoff Preview

Patrick and Jason do a deep dive into beer, bourbon, and the bowls that have been played so far.  One of the two is off to a hot start in correct pick...
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Bowl Pick Em Extravaganza

Patrick and Jason review week 16 Championship week..the winners, losers, best dressed, and best names.  Dive into the final college football playoff r...
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CFB Week 13

Patrick and Jason review week 13 of the college football season with their favorite teams and players, and what they didn't like.  Big props to Sarah ...
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CFB Wk 11

Weekly Redshirt Tailgate review of week 11 in college football.  Will college football make it through the season after 15 cancelations/postponements....
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CFB Week 10

Patrick and Jason take a look back at week 10 of college football with their favorites and least favorites.  New uniforms and a new name has made the ...
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MSU Wins!!-CFB Week 9

Patrick and Jason start off with the weekly wrap up of college football week 9, giving their favorites and least favorites.  Dive into a Trevor Lawren...
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