Reductio: Adventures in Ideas

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A seasonal podcast that brings the ideas and tools of philosophy to everyone. Featuring interviews with professional philosophers, personal stories, and lots of fun thought experiments. We'll start with about 5 episodes per season. Season one projected to launch 2020. Short "monads" in the meantime.Contact us at

M14 - Soul Sleep

In which Helen De Cruz reads her short story "Soul Sleep". Enjoy!Hi Phi Nation's "The Wishes of the Dead"De Cruz's new book: Philosophy IllustratedPle...
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M12 - Transporters

This is just the first part of the episode "Who Are You?" in standalone format so that it can be used on its own if useful for teaching or other uses....
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s02e04 - Who Are You?

In which Andrew explores various questions surrounding the issue of personal identity. Who are you? Including discussions of Transporters, Theseus' Sh...
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s02e03 - Ghosts

In which Andrew asks the questions: what are ghosts, if anything? How should we think about ghost experiences? What sort of reason do they give us to ...
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M11 - Passion of the Sunprobe

A monad in which Professor Eric Schwitzgebel shares his fantastic philosophical short story "The Passion of the Sun Probe."The text of the story is av...
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s01e05 - Technocracy

Andrew explores Jacques Ellul's theory of "Technique" with the help of Professor Joel Zimbelman. Appearances also from Quinn Troester and Poet Chesko....
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