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We Love Reformed Theology And Anime

Episode 48 Vocaloid In this episode we dive into Japanese culture and talk about vocaliod. The Protestant Knight (AKA Ale...
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Episode 45 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland takes place in an orphanage where there are 34 children and one lady, who they call simply mom, and everything seems just perfe...
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Episode 43 Silent Voice A Silent Voice is a powerful movie about a young deaf girl that begins to attend a new school. The ot...
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Episode 42 The Death Note

On this episode we discuss all things Death Note including voice actors, Japanese live action movies and the revolting Netflix live action.
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Episode 41 Cells At Work

In this episode, we discuss the wonderful delight that is Cells At Work. Also, some of us sang the Pokémon theme song. Recos • RobiHachi • Pokemon Gur...
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Episode 40 Japan Sinks 2020

In this episode Japan Sinks 2020 is discussed, as well as Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Monster. Recos -Yocom's mash potato recipe -Midwifery -Drive (the mo...
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