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Please don't vote for the cheeto

This episode talks about the first American Presidential Debate this year and the movie "I'm Thinking Of Ending Things". Shownotes: 'Highlights' of Fi...
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I'm not dead yet lol

BLM. ACAB. links: Masterlist to Petitions you can sign What happened to Breonna Taylor Number of Murders of Trans People Surpasses the Number for 2019
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Jake Paul Exists

In this episode, I review To All The Boys I've Loved Before (2018) and Jake Paul's latest scummy scam, the Financial Freedom Movement. Show Notes: To ...
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Food Exists - A Minisode

I talk too much about what I eat in this episode. I feel like I should talk more about movies. Shownotes: What I wanted to buy (Plus 2 filters, 50 eac...
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Bad People Exist - A Minisode

Coronavirus, Jaystation, Onion Man. Yay. I'm sorry I sound cringy. Not used to solo recording. This episode is very short. It could help me a lot if I...
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Poetry Corner

In this episode, I sat down with the Poetry Club in my school, and we discussed poetry and what it means to us. Links: Dead Poet Society Hobo Johnson ...
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Aliens and Gender Violence

This episode we recorded in school so I'm sorry for some of the bad audio. In this episode, we talk about the Storming of Area 51 (coming up this Sept...
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