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Welcome to Relaxing library, the home of the world’s best relaxing music. I’m master and mr host , and our purpose and passion is to help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate through better sleep, reduced stress, greater concentration and improved mental wellness. Sleep Music 24/7, Sleep Meditation, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Spa, Study, Sleeping Music – Relaxing library specializes in providing sleeping music, calming music, stress relief music, spa music and yoga music with the aim of helping you sleep to deep sleep music and beat stress with our ambient music. Embedded with binaural beats and delta waves, Yellow Brick Cinema’s relaxing sleep music videos provide peaceful music to help you relax, engage in sleep meditation and achieve lucid , deep sleeping music is composed to beat insomnia. Our music for insomnia, using delta waves, is the answer. Incorporating new age breakthroughs with binaural beats, solfeggio frequency music and isochronic tones, our deep sleep music will help you to fall asleep fast. Moreover, the 432hz healing frequency and 528hz benefits of our music for sleep will lead you to deep, healing sleep. Let our deep sleep music, with delta waves, help you reach a state of deep sleep relaxation. Relaxing Guitar Music, Calming Music, Meditation Music, Guitar Music, Sleep Music, Study Music Are you a fan of the classical guitar or acoustic guitar and looking for relaxing guitar music to help you sleep, study, practice yoga or obtain stress relief Join us on Social Media: - Instagram: twitter: youtube: Thanks for tuning in to our relaxing sleep music! Introduce yourself to the Relaxing library family in the comments section and let us know where in the world you’re listening from. Enjoy! Love ,master