Relentless Dentist

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Helping dentists create their best year . . . EVERY YEAR! Dr. Dave is a Certified High Performance and Leadership Coach. He is the co-author of Titans of Dentistry and co-founder of the Dental Success Network. He's passionate about using high level strategies to help dentists grow their practices while reducing stress and increasing fulfillment.

High-Trust Case Acceptance

What are we doing to ensure that we’re not presenting treatment in a skeptical environment and inadvertently generating negative marketing for ourselv...
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Is Your Business Built On Hubris?

"Honour may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power." — Ishida Mitsunari   Apparently, even though a large number of dental practi...
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Thieves Like Us

5% of people are hard-wired for integrity, while 5% are hard-wired to lie, cheat, and steal even if it doesn’t benefit them. Interestingly, 90% of peo...
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Disney’s Taking Your Money

Yes, Disney’s taking our money — money that we gladly give. In fact, we work our fingers to the bone just for us, and our loved ones enjoy a moment of...
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Firing With Kindness

Kid you not — firing someone is never easy. It’s not only the investment in training, tools, and all things to help them grow, but more importantly, t...
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If I Were The Devil

I’m not being political, religious, or whatnot, but Paul’s strong message in his 1965 broadcast has proven to be prophetic — how elements of good and ...
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Measure More Than The Money

Money is necessary to put up and run a practice — we can’t argue with that. But, it is not the be-all and end-all. The money supports our basic needs,...
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Stealing From Starbucks

Ok, sit down and hold your horses (or cup?); I'm not suggesting that you commit a crime (pretty far from that). But, while I had your attention, let's...
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