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Riley and Daniel discuss media that they are interested in.

S02 E03: Band of Brothers

Daniel and Riley get stuck in Bastogne. Band of Brothers on Wikipedia Riley's new Res poster Reddit Thread Episode 4 Pre-Show
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S02 E02: Wargroove

Riley and Daniel become friends with a dog. Wargroove on Wikipedia Slot Machine Scenario Hello There Todd Howard's at it again Reddit Thread Episode 3...
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S02 E01: District 9

Daniel and Riley put some prawns on the barbie! District 9 Neill Blomkamp Apartheid Rakka Firebase The Other Reddit Thread Episode 2 Pre-Show
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S01 E12: Inside

Riley and Daniel might make it out. Inside on Wikipedia Map of Inside Reddit Thread
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S01 E11: Fight Club 2

Daniel and Riley talk about their repressed rage. Fight Club 2 on Wikipedia Fight Club on Wikipedia Reddit Thread
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S01 E10: Man on Wire

Riley and Daniel are afraid of heights. Meru on Wikipedia Valley Uprising on Netflix The Dawn Wall on YouTube Fish Beach on Wikipedia Fish Beach on Yo...
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S01 E09: Magic for Humans

What card am I thinking of? Magic for Humans on Wikipedia Ricky Jay on Wikipedia Riley Jay on YouTube Shin Lim on Wikipedia Reddit Thread
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