Resting Bliss Face Podcast

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This show will serve the busy woman who feels overwhelmed by wanting to do ALL the know - crush it a work AND at home, eat well while of course exercising regularly, look/feel her best in her jeans while having that post-facial glow 24/7. Let's not forget about having a family and a social life. With humor, sarcasm, and real talk we will work on mindset shifts, action steps, plus build confidence because a confident woman is unstoppable. My goal with the Resting Bliss Face podcast is to cut through the bs and make life a little easier. Let's go from overwhelmed to focused and motivated. Through solo shows and interviews I will tackle all the topics above and so much more! I will have interviews with some of the smartest people I know (or just fun people I want to hang out with) who have a unique perspective and seem to make their expertise look easy. I've got the woo-woo covered with mindset & manifesting plus tangible steps all served with plenty of humor because not taking myslelf too seriously is top of my list! You can tune in now and thanks so much for listening! Also find me on the gram @megfitz.gerald