Results May Vary

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Results May Vary is a podcast hosted by Lauren Andrews, where real people are the experts on sex, dating, and relationships. Through vulnerable and hilarious conversations, @resultsmayvarypod seeks to break down the taboo surrounding sexuality.

Ep #16 with Becca

In one of our most interesting episodes to-date, we meet Becca: a queer, polyamorous woman whose beautiful perspective on relationships and connection...
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Ep #15 with Devin

Devin has a lot of stories to share with us, including how his ex sent him a venmo charge for $5,000, a sex story involving back-humping, the time he ...
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Ep 13: High School Reunion Hookup

Today's guest has to decide what to do when he runs into his childhood crush at their 10 year high school reunion.; the story that unfolds is both tan...
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Ep #12 with Ryan, Human Enigma 

In which we discuss delayed puberty, soulmates, how 2018 was no one’s year, having sex in public, what it means to be closed off to marriage or kids a...
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Episode #9 with Nick

In which we discuss the demise of his 7-year, long-distance relationship, what it’s like to go on a date for the first time since age 20, how tacos ar...
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