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Real Estate Investing attracts entrepreneurs. There are so many ways for us to exercise our creativity, independence, negotiating skills, courage and our smarts profitably. Often our work can be very restorative for communities and when that is done with purpose, lives can be changed and community can flourish. We talk to leading Real Estate Investors, community leaders and others who can help us love our cities and communities as part of our profitable investing business.

Cracking the Community Code

Safety, beauty, great schools, close to work, affordability. These are some of the primary attractions that people are looking for in a neighborhood....
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Michael Thomas

A dearth of safe, affordable student housing around Jackson State University was being ignored by local Real Estate investors. But with his history of...
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Walter Wofford #2

Thanks to Dodd-Frank and other public and private policies, our inner-cities are bereft of capital to fund much needed affordable housing. We continue...
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Walter Wofford #1

Real Estate Investors know neighborhoods, houses, values, how to find money and, perhaps most relevant, how to make money.  Applying our knowledge so ...
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Levi Gill

Most of us are working to improve our standard of living for ourselves and that usually means working for more money to get a bigger house in a better...
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Stewart Hood

From the world of high finance to buying houses in a forgotten, 60 year old city neighborhood in the deep south, Stewart Hood applies business analyt...
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Tenants and Love

If your "Why" is big enough, it will guide you through the tough conversations and hard decisions that must take place. Casey continues his conversat...
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Ronnie Crudup Jr.

Ronnie Crudup Jr.'s work in Real Estate started when houses were offered to the church where he is on staff.  His work has led to attracting communit...
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You Have to Know Why

Making your Real Estate business about more than money takes real work, and the hardest work is done inside your head. Casey Combest helps Gene Dent ...
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