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Episode 12 - Interstellar

Episode #12 - Interstellar Ladies and gentleman, Rewind! is back. Like the phoenix, we have risen from the ashes and are reborn as a fresh new podcast...
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Episode 8 - Killing Them Softly

Episode #8 - Killing Them Softly When the man comes around, people get killed. More precisely, they get killed by Brad Pitt done up as a badass. This ...
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Episode 7 - Skyfall

Episode #7 - Skyfall The names Bond. James Bond. And I like my podcasts shaken, not stirred. This week on Rewind!, we sit down to talk about some film...
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Episode 6 - Cloud Atlas

Episode #6 - Cloud Atlas Oh boy, do we have a whopper of an episode for you. This week on Rewind!, we deviate from our normal two-movie format, to tac...
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Episode 5 - Looper & Primer

Episode #5 - Looper & Primer This time travel stuff will fry your brain! This week on Rewind!, we take a crack at time travel mechanics and discuss tw...
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