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It's as the inspiration comes...it could be spoken word...comedy or sharing life experience...life's not that serious

The 7th love lead to heartbreak??

We all, I mean most if is have very different definitions of love, and our definition of love leads to how and when we eventually decide that what we ...
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Fashion Critic alert ‼️

Hey guys,for lack of appropriate words, my creativity is really fluctuating...I have a guest in the studio with me and we would be discussing fashion ...
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Pretty privileges 101...

Fr...he paid your gas fee and you didn't have to give him anything?...wait...she just trusted everything you at first sight?....did you just say they ...
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Conversations with Marklyn

Is he a scriptwriter? Is a video editor? Is he a Cinematographer?....Nope, he's all of the above...super talented Marklyn is here today to discuss and...
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