Richie & Kyle Rule & Drool


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Every week Richie & Kyle talk about things that rule & shit that drools.

39 - Mogen David

Comic relief, round boys, & bong rips RULE! MD 20/20, being ill-prepared for the apocalypse, & punk rock bullies DROOL! Also... awww... bitch... Submi...
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38 - The Bear of Rad Booze

Extended Stay hotels, Mente Arma shirts, & the Richie Pregame RULE! The Disney Vault, embarrassing voices, & Kyle's first time DMing DROOL! Also... I'...
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37 - Drew Dougs

Dopesmoker, radio DJ voice, & memes ROOL! Realizing it's earlier in the week than you thought, weird songs coming on shuffle, & big editing jobs DROOL...
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Space bags, electronic drumests, & Daisy's paws RULE! ASMR Cop, 1 Guy 1 Jar, & anchovies DROOL! Also... listen to those dice rolls. Submit what you th...
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32 - Drugs & Chugs

Pups, enchilada casserole, & the boys RULE! Greg, watching Netflix while driving, & Cuphead DROOL! Also. . . cartoon pizza makes Richie & Kyle horny. ...
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31 - Fuck Christmas

Tree smell, beer ornaments, & Santa's mullet RULE! Christmas shopping, getting clothes that don't fit, & working retail DROOL! Also... Richie & Kyle a...
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