Ring for Tea: A Casual Downton Abbey Podcast

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Did you think there were enough podcasts about TV, or even, about Downton Abbey? Well, you are wrong because we are adding another. Christina and Allison will be chatting Downton Abbey episode by episode and maybe drinking some tea, too. Follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

6.09 (Part 2) The Finale!

We hash out the last bits of the series finale and our final thoughts on the show itself. From telegrams to telephones, John Bates in prison to Anna B...
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6.07 A Fool Who Knows Nothing

The Crawleys are off to the races!  However, the outing ends in disaster, challenging Mary and Henry’s relationship.  An exciting opportunity presents...
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6.06 The Downton Open House

We're still making plans for the movie while an open house at Downton reveals that no one actually knows anything about it. Downsizing efforts mean Th...
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6.04 Branson’s Back

A lighter, more joyful Branson is back at Downton, and back for good it seems! Thomas is acting butler while the Carsons are away on honeymoon - yikes...
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6.03 Downton as a Rom Com

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are getting married and it’s just as sweet as you imagined!  Mary gets steamrolled by Cora in her attempts to dictate the w...
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