Rise and Climb

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Honest conversations with successful entrepreneurs about what it really looks like to take the “road less traveled.” The go-to podcast for feeding your soul, raising your vibration, and shifting your mindset, so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and distracted, finally face your fears, reignite your dreams, and live that wild and wonderful, regret-free, extraordinary life you were born for. We explore how to make the shift from living an ordinary life to living an extraordinary one — from just getting by to really thriving. We get vulnerable about life and love and health and business — the things that really matter — and talk candidly about all the things that tend to get in the way of you truly living your best life, a life by design instead of by default. If you’ve ever looked at your life and thought, “I was made for more than this,” then the "Rise and Climb" podcast is for you. This podcast speaks to entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives — world-changers, impact-makers, culture-shapers, and risk-takers — who want practical strategies and actionable advice for growing their business, expanding their reach, and attracting their tribe. Your host is Lori Lynn, also known as Her Royal Excitedness, freelance actress and voice-over artist, book editor, copywriter, marketing enthusiast, educator, and lover of impromptu dance parties, karaoke, and green tea.

Don't Write In A Cave

A few pieces of advice when you are out there writing your book. It is so important to get feedback and get feedback from your ideal audience. We all ...
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Fun News from Nashville

You do not have to be a starving artist, you just need to talk with Craig Alexander to learn all the details that you need to sell your art for a ridi...
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