Risk And Reward

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Risk and Reward is a golf podcast proudly supported by Winning Edge Investments, which offers professional tips & betting advice on the glorious game of Golf.

Ep 35: Taking a Break

With professional golf in limbo for the foreseeable future we've made the difficult decision to put the Risk and Reward Podcast on hiatus until furthe...
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Ep 34: Risk and Reward

It's hard to believe the world could change so drastically in such a short space of time. This time last week we were watching the opening round of Th...
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E 33: Risk and Reward

Resident tipster John Evans has a spring in his step and it's not just because he has a brand new titanium hip. Some good results at Bay Hill and Qata...
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Ep 32: Risk and Reward

Resident expert John Evans has his new hip and it seems to have signalled a change in fortune as he had some decent returns last week. He’s back to do...
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Ep 31: Risk and Reward

We're a bit early this week as JE has an appointment with a brand new hip. Markets are a bit thin for Podcast Pete because of the early start but bein...
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Ep 30 Risk and Reward

The travelling circus that is professional golf keeps moving on with tournaments in Coffs Harbour, Puerto Rico, Queensland and Mexico this week. Resid...
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Ep 29 Risk and Reward

If you’re a course geek it’s a good week in the world of golf with Royal Adelaide and Riviera front and centre for the men’s and women’s top tours. Th...
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Ep 28: Risk and Reward

It's a unique event in the world of golf but the combined men's and women's Vic Opens has captured the imagination of the golf world. Two fields, two ...
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Ep 27: Risk and reward

The politics of golf in Saudi Arabia (and the rest of the world), the proposed new Premier Golf League and a few tips as well...only Risk and Reward c...
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Ep 26: Risk and Reward

When Tiger’s back, golf’s back and that’s exactly what we have this week as the 15-time major winner prepares to make his 2020 debut at Torrey Pines i...
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