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The Obstinate Heart

Today as we continue in John 6 we experience Jesus giving one of His greatest sermons to massive crowd that had followed Him to Capernaum. The Bread o...
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The Believers and The Pretenders

Are you a -True Believer- or are you a -Pretender-. Here in John chapter 6 we see the story of Jesus walking on the water. Within this account there t...
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John 4:43-54 Unbelief

Do you have unbelief in your life- Yes, we all do. Jesus responds to our unbelief in a very direct and complete way. Today we discover Jesus' remedy f...
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John 4:1-26 "Living Water"

What is -Living Water-- And why does Jesus interact with the Samaritan woman the way He does- Listen today and learn the lesson that Jesus is teaching...
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John 2:13-22 Guarding The Temple

Understanding how Jesus feels about His Father's temple should be the greatest encouragement to Christians. Today Pastor Dustin unpacks this clear and...
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