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A collection of some of our sermons recorded in the Sunday services. Provided in the MP3 format.

DNA: Missional Church

28.3.21 Speaker: Andrew Cowell Duration: 46:18 DNA: Missional Church 8. Missional Church Key Verses: Matthew 4:18-20 - ESV
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DNA: Worshipful Church

7.3.21 Speaker: David Ward Duration: 32:32 DNA: Worshipful Church 7. Worship Church Key Verses: John 4:16-24 What is true worship? 1. True worship tak...
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DNA: Spiritual Church

14.3.21 Speaker: Mitch Caverns Duration: 41:23 DNA: Spiritual Church 6. Spiritual Church Key Verses: 1 Peter 2:9-11
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DNA: Prayerful Church

7.3.21 Speaker: Andrew Cowell Duration: 41:00 DNA: Prayerful Church 5. Prayer Church Key Verses: Luke 11:1-4, 9-10
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DNA: Pastoral Church

28.2.21 Speaker: Phillip Gummerson Duration: 34:55 DNA: Pastoral Church 4. Pastoral Church Key Verses: Acts 20:16–28 The "Shepherd" rolePastor Biblica...
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DNA: Relational Church

21.2.21 Speaker: Eric Gordon Duration: 34:55 DNA: Relational Church 3. Relational Church Key Verses: James 2:1-9 How to relate to people right
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DNA: Our Biblical Church

14.2.21 Speaker: Andrew Cowell Duration: 44:15 DNA: Biblical Church 2. Our Biblical Church Key Verses: Matthew 5:17-19 - NIV 1. UPWARD: God's word get...
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DNA: Spiritual Fingerprint

7.2.21 Speaker: Phillip Gummerson Duration: 37:22 DNA: Spiritual Fingerprint 1. Spiritual FingerprintKey Verses: Ephesians 4:7-16 - NLT MISSION ALIGNM...
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Salvation and Strength

31.1.21 Speaker: Phillip Gummerson Duration: 50:04 Salvation and Strength Faith Key Verses: Psalm 121:1-8 - ESV In Repentance and Rest is your Salvati...
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One Word: 2021

24.1.20 Speaker: Andrew Cowell Duration: 48:55 One Word: 2021 Trust Key Verses: 2 Corinthians 5: 6-9
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