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Roam captures unique audio snapshots of the cities, trails, and shores that surround us. Each episode paints a tranquil scene — no talking, no interviews, just the sounds of the world and periodic ambient music. Best enjoyed when you need to focus, relax, or escape and embark on a quiet journey.

Superior Shores: Calm Waters IV

As you bid a fond farewell to Superior, visit the light waves of Calm Waters one last time.This episode features: Oxalis 1 (Excerpt) by Alex Bainter /...
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Superior Shores: The Storm III

The storm finally relents, but not before letting loose spectacular displays of thunder.This episode features: Homage (Exerpt) by Alex Bainter / CC BY...
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Superior Shores: Calm Waters III

Waves lap lazily onto the smooth stones of Superior's lakeshore in the penultimate episode of Calm Waters.This episode features: At Sunrise (Excerpt) ...
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Superior Shores: The Storm II

As the storm continues, the wind picks up and the thunder rolls in. This episode features: Above The Rain (Excerpt) by Alex Bainter / CC BY Cylinder T...
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Superior Shores: Spirited Waves II

The cresting waves continue to batter the rocky shore of Lake Superior in Spirited Waves II.This episode features: Yesterday (Exerpt) by Alex Bainter ...
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Superior Shores: Calm Waters II

As the day begins to wane into evening, the tranquil scene continues in the second act of Calm Waters.This episode features: Apoapsis (Exerpt) by Alex...
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Superior Shores: The Storm I

Thunder heralds the beginning of the storm. Lake Superior displays a portion of its power. This episode features: Nakaii (Exerpt) by Alex Bainter / CC...
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