ROC Talks: Royal Oak Church Messages

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At ROC, we aim to offer a relatable approach to scripture without compromising God's Word. Listen to Pastor Bill Barnwell as he takes you on a journey of wisdom and encouragement from the Bible in a way in which you can apply to your daily life.

"A King is Born" (Luke 2:8-20)

How should we respond to the birth of the King? I. We are called to be in the center of God's will (vs. 8) II. We are called to fear not (vv. 9) III. ...
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"An Eternal Plan" (Genesis 3)

The First Coming is part of an eternal plan that we do not deserve but are a part of anyway.  I. The First Coming occurred even though God knew our re...
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"When We Protest God" (Jonah 4)

What right do we have to be angry at God's justice and mercy? I. Just as His thoughts are not our thoughts, His justice and mercy are not our justice ...
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When We Run (Jonah 1)

Theme: Embrace God's leading for your life. I. God's leading for our life sometimes will clash with our plans (vv. 1-3)a. His thoughts are not our tho...
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