Romancing the Dungeon

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Looking for group! Looking for love! A Softcore DnD podcast about finding that special someone in a world full of peril, monsters and heartbreakers!

Couples? Retreat! Trailer

The town of Wintercame is setting up for it's annual Spring  Fair and Roz Graypurse, D8 founder, CEO, Love Wizard and retired philanthropist has kindl...
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Ep. 23 - Love is a Battlefield

Nate, Hephaesta, Fia and Thane put their hearts and their lives on the line as they face off against Ardat, Norris and the other wedding guests! Love ...
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Ep. 22 - The Old Ball and Chain

The Slammer! The Big house! The Clink! The Flatstom Basement... they are all words used to describe prison! The gang await their fate, shackled, cold ...
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Ep. 21 - Fools Rush In

Time is of the essence and the gang realise if they wish to save their friends and find Eugenia, they need to act fast but not even the best laid plan...
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Ep. 20 - B is for Bombshells

Trapped in Old Tanner's Yard, the gang have their backs against a wall. Will they make it out of this one alive? Who are the Faceless assassins? Who h...
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Ep. 19 - Long Overdue

It's time to get the plan back on track! Fia finds Nate and the dynamic duo head off for an exciting adventure in... the Tezrab City library! Meanwhil...
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