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Two regular Joe's true MMA fans, shooting the shit about Mixed Martial Arts,UFC,Boxing, fighters and whatever else comes up!Positive vibes to all our fans, family and friends

"The Conor Affect"

October 10.2019
Season #3 - Episode #16

In the season finale the boys cover the multitude of fights, as well catching up
from a summer...

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"No Name"

Season #3,  Episode #14 July 25/19

The guys put another one in the books taking the show were ever 
they want i...

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"Catching Up"

Season #3,  Episode #13 July 04/19

The guys have been away but when back the the studio catch up and 
have a bl...

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Season # 3, Episode #12 May 16/2019

As always the boys are having fun and "Cultivate" wink wink LOL an in-depth 

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"The Boys"

Season #3,  Episode #15  Aug 8/19

Ok what can be said the boys love what they do and have a blast doing it

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"If You Say So"

April 4.2019  Season #3 - Episode # 10

Listen in as the boy have a good time and really love what they 

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March 21.2019  Season#3 - Episode #9

Well the boys get deep, Big Nick opens up about his personal
struggle LOL&n...

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"Should've Bet On It"

April 11.2019  Season #3 - Episode #11

As the boys break down UFC 236 and are almost perfect in there pics the...

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Feb 07.2019,  Season #3 - Episode #7.5

Well after along Christmas holiday layoff the boys are back in the studio 

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