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Relax Panic Game is a podcast where our Wednesday night role-playing group records our adventures for you to listen to. We tend to run a lighthearted and goofy game with darker undertones that occasionally become overtones. Our current campaign, "Matters of Time" is being played in the Dungeon World system and finds our heroes searching for powerful lost artifacts capable of warping time itself in order to save the future of an ancient child. New episodes are uploaded when we have the time.

17 - Matters of Time Ep. 17

Episode 17 of our Dungeon World campaign. The party solves the sword problem, "fixes" the time loop, makes a M4TC-2, hatches an egg, and meets Ems par...
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16 - Matters of Time Ep. 16

Episode 16 of our ongoing Dungeon World Campaign. The party interrogates and dismembers an orc, works on Elenora's mini-M4TC suit, visits a very stran...
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15 - Matters of Time Ep. 15

Episode 15 of our Dungeon World Podcast. The party deals with the aftermath of Eika's fight with Kol. Naidus gives Eika another shot at saving the mon...
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14 - Matters of Time Ep. 14

Episode 14 of our Dungeon World Campaign. Eika has a family reunion, the bear gets new armor, we learn the reason behind the orc assault, everyone wal...
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13 - Matters of Time Ep. 13

Episode 13 of our dungeon world campaign. The party leaves a little girl alone with a croc man in enemy territory, decides to use an evil demon sword,...
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12 - Matters of Time Ep. 12

The party argues over a cursed sword for over an hour, helps several towns victimised by marauding orcs, has an uncomfortable reunion with a halfling ...
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11 - Matters of Time Ep. 11

The battle with Thymeros, Em saves the day, The Thief of Time is used, Kratos loses an arm. This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fm
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10 - Matters of Time Ep. 10

The gang's all here! And they put on a hell of a show. Emelina and Verric steal an egg from a pair of blue wyverns, Tataraz calls in a replacement, El...
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9 - Matters of Time Ep. 9

Episode 9 of our Dungeon World Campaign. The party races to save Kratos fromt he clutches of a vengence obsessed tiefling, a friendly druid joins them...
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8 - Matters of Time Ep. 8

Episode 7 of our Dungeon World Campaign. Kratos goes missing, Verric and Emalina enter the wyvern tournament, the party makes a new enemy. This podcas...
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