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Andrew From Brooklyn sits down with various players in the music industry to discuss their relationship with music and why they chose it as a profession.

RPM Radar: Allie chats w/ Nur-D

Named Minneapolis' 'Best New Artist', Nur-D (aka. Matt Allen) sits down with Allie Pash to talk origin stories, body positivity, the rarity of sinceri...
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Andrew Chats with...Patches

Andrew from Brooklyn took the F train out to Queens to catch up with Patches, one of Columbia University's top student bands at the moment. Listen to ...
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Andrew Chats with...Odette

Andrew from Brooklyn concluded his tour of Australia by sitting down at the home of one of the country's best lyricists: Sydney native Georgia Sallyba...
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Andrew Chats with...Gaspar Sanz

Andrew dropped by Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia, to chat with one of his favorite up and coming Aussie psych rock groups, Gaspar Sanz. Listen to their...
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Andrew Chats with...Boydos

Andrew sat down at the Salisbury Hotel in Stanmore, Sydney, Australia, to catch up with Eddie Boyd, aka Boydos--the guitarist from the Blue Mountains ...
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