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Episode 25 – Quantum Black

Episode 25 – Quantum Black or You Say Formless Beast of Lovecraftian Nightmares Like It’s a Bad Thing Sharon, Chris, and Pete sit down with Ron Loz an...
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Episode 24 – Holiday Gaming

Episode 24 – Holiday Gaming or DECK the HALLS! Get it?! Another great talk about gaming, this time we talk about the now annual compulsory event known...
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Episode 23 – Horror Gaming

Episode 23 – Horror Gaming Or I Was Insane Before I Ever Played Cthulhu We sat down and had a pretty good talk about horror games in time for Hallowee...
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Episode 22 – D&D&P&P

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P or Pride & Prejudice & Dragons I really couldn’t decide on that one. But we went with the former. The BIG NEWS is friends-of-the-...
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Episode 20 – Fifth Impressions

Episode 20 – Fifth Impresions or 5E D&D & Me Back from the dead, Chris & Pete talk about the latest new RPG to hit the shelves, it’s a little known ga...
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