Rust Belt Beer Talk

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The Rust Belt Beer Podcast began and continues to be an excuse for two good friends, Joe and Ben, to get together once a week for the purposes of drinking beer and talking nonsense. This is "hanging out with friends drinking beer", but in podcast form!

RBBT 63 - The Bees' Knees

On this episode we take a dive into beer's honey-based cousin, mead! Bee there or bee square! ??? See for privacy and opt-out inform...
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RBBT 62 - Unforgettable Moments

Like it has for everyone else, The Last Dance has been a highlight of the Quarantine Season so far. So, on this one we're looking back on unforgettabl...
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RBBT 61 - Summer Mix 2020

We got our shades on, we fired up the grill, and we're ready for some summer jams! Just like beer tastes, our music tastes often change in the summert...
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RBBT 59 - What Ifs: Revisited

Ben and Joe talk about using the current time we find ourselves in to re-evaluate goals and set plans looking ahead, an important thing for all of us,...
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RBBT 58 - Beer Talk: Locked Up

Ben and Joe are joined by Devon Oship to play a very strange game that Ben and Devon came up with together! See for privacy and opt-...
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RBBT 57 - Yinz Got'ny Beer?

We taker the opportunity to talk a little about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A great Rust Belt city with a rich brewing history that is near and dear to ...
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RBBT 55 - Illuminati By Nature

The world is weird right now and so are we. On this one we just talk a bunch about our favorite conspiracy theories because why the heck would we do a...
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