RVA Real Estate Talk Podcast

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Join Jared Davis and Galen Parker as they discuss the trends in the Central Virginia real estate market.

Ep. 22 - eXp vs. Keller Williams

Does it matter what brokerage you work with or for? In today's Deep Dive Jared and Galen explain why, if you have a goal in mind, you should pay very ...
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Ep. 20 - Tips for New Investors

Today's episode is all about investing. Combine that with today's crowd pleasing Deep Dive intro and a look into what might be coming next on Food Fig...
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Ep. 19 - Flipping Houses

How to flip? When to flip? What to flip? All your house flipping questions answered on today's episode of RVA Real Estate Talk with Jared and Galen.
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Ep. 17 - Rentals 101

Jared and Galen discuss rapper Nelly's life choices as well as how to build a house entirely out of a 3D printer jump and a deep dive into the what, h...
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Ep. 16 - State of the Market 2021

Jared and Galen, or Galen and Jared if you prefer, discuss worries and concerns about the real estate market in 2021. Don't worry, they'll ease your m...
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Ep. 15 - Year In Review

Join Jared and Galen as they discuss what went down in 2020, how a realtor can end up engaged to Ariana Grande and they take a Deep Dive that dives a ...
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Ep. 14 - Real Estate During Covid

Jared and Galen discuss the challenges of navigating a pandemic and the real estate market and share some decidedly honest feedback from Facebook rega...
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