SAAZISH - The Forbidden Conspiracy

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There's a fine line between right and wrong, and it doesn't take long for it to blur. What happens when the law itself ends up behind bars? Meet Inspector Jhanvi Jamwal, a cop locked up with the very criminals she used to put behind bars. Sounds like a plot of a blockbuster movie, exactly what Manisha Pathak, a struggling director, is looking for. Credits: Directed by Tarique Ahmad Written by Arpit Agrawal Sound Design by Tarique Ahmad This is an NC Media Studios production

Episode 10: A villain or a hero?

Hold your breath because the end is here. We have reached the climax of Inspector Jhanvi’s story, where this forbidden conspiracy will finally unra...

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Episode 9: The Showstopper

Inspector Jhanvi is close to finding out who tried to kill Arjun Johari. Where will this mystery lead her? Who is the real showstopper of this case...

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Episode 8: Maut ka Reality show

Another case. Another crime. Another conspiracy. This might just be the biggest moment in Jhanvi’s career. Is this where her downfall begins? Are w...

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Episode 7: Resort ka kaatil

Strange things are happening in the resort. Is someone trying to sabotage Jhanvi and Kohli’s vacation, or there’s a bigger picture that they can’t ...

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Episode 6: Crime Se Chutti

Inspector Jhanvi and SI Kohli are sent on a vacation to a luxury resort for successfully solving major cases. But is it just a relaxing getaway, or...

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Episode 5: Simba Ka Katil Kaun

A major breakthrough leads Inspector Jhanvi to the mastermind behind Simba’s murder. After successfully solving her first case, will Jhanvi continu...

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Episode 4: Simba Aala

Inspector Jhanvi is suspicious of Simba’s untimely death. Was it just an accident or a well-planned murder? Jhanvi and SI Kohli rack their brain to...

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Episode 3: Ant Ki Shuruat

Inspector Jhanvi finally shares how she went from protecting the law to breaking it. To get to the end, you have to start from the beginning. That’...

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Episode 2: Khooni Ka Biopic

There's something about Mumbai, a charm in the air that welcomes everyone with open arms. Jhanvi’s story started right here, in this dream city, an...

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Episode 1: Kaidi No. 194

Director Manisha Pathak struggles to keep her career afloat when her movies flop one after the other. In a desperate attempt to up her game, she vi...

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