Sabki Apnii Apnii Aankhen, Sabka Apnaa Apnaa Chaand.

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I believe that every single animate and inanimate object on Earth has its own story. I always try to look at those stories from a different perspective. Which gives a new twist and experiences to every ear as a storyteller.

Episode 2 : Ghati Pahad

Who said a journey from Mumbai to Pune on a State Transport bus is only tiring and boring? My journey made me have a conversation with an unusual co-t...
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Episode 3 : School Bench

There's something sweet and painful about nostalgia. That's the exact feeling I explore as I head back to meet a treasured possession from my school d...
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Episode 1 : Mera Pahala Ghar

A trip to the hospital took me on a trip down the memory lane. A trip so far down that I sweetly reminisced about our first homes; one that we usually...
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