Saludable Latina

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A women’s health and wellness podcast hosted by Lilia G. Ashe. Her mission is to include spirituality, intuitive lead and lifestyle wellness topics and stories relating to the everyday women. The information shared on the podcast is for educational purposes only. Stories, symptoms, testimonials, and all content is raw, honest, and from personal experience and is not to be used as diagnosis or inplace of medical advice and care. Always consult with a primary care provider for health questions.

S2 Episode 9 Dr. Stacye Branché

Dr. Stacye Branché Msc.D is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Public Speaker, Author, and Cancer Survivor. In February 2009 Stacy...
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S2 Episode 8 Jannet Carrera

As a recognized dance choreographer, mentor, and passionate entrepreneur, Jannet Carrera uses dance to encourage her community to release and find the...
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S2 Episode 7 Adina Diaz

In this week's episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Adina Diaz and talk about Skin Care. After working over a decade in the field of es...
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S2 Episode 1: Fertility Talk

Happy Monday! It's time to drop a new season with new intentions.  Get ready as the Saludable Latina Women's Health and Wellness Podcast is ready to b...
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