Sam & Kat's Bouncing Banter

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Listen to us banter about all of the crazy things we go through in life.

Frozen 2 Review. Ep. 4

Today we review Frozen 2 and how Sam admits to being wrong about it. SPOILERS! We discuss the emotional effect it had on us, how we think it's better ...
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DnD Adventures! Ep. 3

Today we talk about our adventures in DnD, strange occurrences with Nat 20's, a Tefling Punk, and homebrew shenanigans. Bit of talk about LARPing, and...
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Our goals for 2020! Ep. 2

Today we talk about our goals for the new year, such as Cosplans and how to cosplay on a budget, Publishing a book, new LARP endeavors, DnD (Campaign ...
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Sam & Kat Bouncing Banter: Pilot

Brightening up your day with a bit of silly banter. Listen to us rant about: The struggles of reaching the TV remote (when adorable dogs get in the wa...
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