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We are the “Sarcasm Podcast” with your host’s, Drew Gibson and Keef Puchalski. We put sarcasm in everyday topics to bring you laughter and knowledge. Tune for our variety of guest ranging from UFC fighters to comedians!

Ep #30: Terrible things happening

Tonight Griff and Sludge sit down and talk about whats been happening, the terrible murder of George Floyd, the riots and more. Tune in and share your...
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Ep #29: Integrity

Tonight Sarcasm Podcast sits down and we talk about integrity on every level from straight up lying to pushing false Facebook articles... Tune in and ...
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Ep #28: The effects of Rona

Tonight Sludge, Griff and Keef sit down and talk about the effects of COVID-19. Not the health effects but the everyday effects such as haircuts and m...
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Ep #023: East Philly Designs

-Tonight we sit down with the guys from East Philly designs. We talk about how and why they started doing their thing! If you don't think east Philly ...
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