Savage After 40

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Remaining Savage in your 20s & 30s is tough, so how do you do it into your 40s? I have no idea, but I'll ask others about their routine and struggles, I'll share what I've gone through in trying to remain in shape, as well as food/workouts and music/book/podcast suggestions to potentially help you as you keep driving towards your goals.

Episode 8-Strictly Suggestions

Podcast Suggestion-Last Podcast on the Left, Genre: True Crime/Horror Caution: Not for the easily offended and or grossed out Music-I mentioned it alr...
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Episode 7-Listener Calls, Ben...

Today we hear from a man simply know as Ben. He loves running, he loves the outdoors, and he loves his family. Listen in as he tells us why... If you ...
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Episode 4-CBD vs Ibuprofen

Should you use it? Its legal, it doesn't have a lasting chemical effect on your body, and 0 dependency. Oh yeah and the warning label doesn't say you ...
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Episode 1-Why be Savage After 40?

Growing up as a "Fat Kid" I learned a lot and even though I thinned out, I still have all the fear, insecurity, and guilt associated with the inner "F...
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