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12. Mukbang

Mukbangs are all over my youtube front page! Nikado Avocado is absolutely dumpster fire, I go on a rant about that and I share my . ost embarrassing m...
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11. Shy Guy and The Mandalorian

What is it like to be put on the spot when hitting on a girl? Well this is the episode for you. Im back this week and guess what I got Disney+ after a...
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10 Episodes With A Cherry On Top

Special episode! Hitting the big one-oh! I give my opinion on the Don Cherry situation. I probably cant get Disney +(rip). I confess I might have a ma...
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8. 12:00AM With Kyle

I rate my favourite Star Wars movies from least favourite to my favourite movie! (so far.) Obviously I talk about the new Rise of Skywalker trailer, J...
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6. How About Another Joke?

What it do babyyyyyyy! I discuss the controversy around the new joker movie. Talk about my getting high story and my weekend up at the cabin with the ...
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5. Vape Uhhhhh. Vape Is Not Good

Kinda a quickie episode, eh? I answer all the topics you wanted me to talk about! (As best I can) I touch on some other subjects like how vape is dest...
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