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Pop Asians get ready! K-pop star Kevin Kim is with you every weeknight talking about the latest in Asian pop, and chatting to the biggest stars! Keep up-to-date on the latest hits, what the fans are talking about and what your fave idols are up to. Each week Kevin will be covering the latest in K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and T-pop, plus sharing his own personal stories about the music biz.

What K-pop Idols do on holidays

This week on the Fan Forum Kevin Kim, Beatrice and Jacques talk about K-pop artists making Christmas albums, the best songs to listen to on your holid...
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It's MAMA Time!

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum talk about MAMA; who they think will win (and who should!) It's all done and dusted now but see how well they di...
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Tokyo's Best Ramen

Simon and Martina tell you about the best Ramen in Tokyo that (for once) doesn't make Martina sick! ()
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The definitive K-pop history guide

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum go deep into the history of K-pop, wayyyyy back to 1992. Hear about first and second gen Idols. It's an interest...
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Sam Hammington has a new baby

This week Kevin Kim talks to Sam Hammington about welcoming his second baby into the world. Sam says he couldn't be happier.  His wife went into surge...
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