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Is it haunted or is it history?

034 - Dinner and a Ghost

Listen as Grace goes to the West Coast this week and looks into Gastown infamous Spaghetti Factory, or as Grace likes to call it, Spagullie Factory. B...
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032 - Royal Conservatory of Music

Happy New Year! Grace looks into the Royal Conservatory of Music and shares first-hand accounts of ghostly apparitions and the nightmare of passing (o...
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031 - Merry Creepy Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Merry Krumpus. Grab a cup of hot coco and some yummy yuletide treats as Beth and Grace explore and create some new non Ch...
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030 - The Yule Cat and Two Ghost

Join us as Grace explores the darker side of the Hockey Hall of Fame and the resident ghost. Meanwhile, Beth dives into the long lasting legacy of the...
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