Schools in Hong Kong

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This podcast introduces expat parents to school options in Hong Kong. If you are moving to Hong Kong or living here and starting to look at school options, you’ve come to the right place. This podcast series will help you better understand schools in Hong Kong.

Tips for school interviews

This episode is all about school interviews. Here in Hong Kong, school interviews are very common, in fact, as you’ll hear from our expert, some schoo...
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Online learning, the Malvern way

In this episode, we catch up with Dr Robin Lister, Headmaster at Malvern College Hong Kong. He explains how flipped learning, student-led wellbeing an...
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How to nail the extended essay

Listen to this episode and learn how to nail the Extended Essay - one of the IB Diploma's infamous elements.  Alethea Bleyburg is an IB Examiner and a...
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