Scoring Position

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Scoring Position is a podcast by girls who like guys who like girls who like sports.

Score W/ Luke Pell

The girls sit down with Bachelor heart throb, Luke Pell to talk about dating after The Bachelor, his music career, his charity and why he's so damn ha...
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Score W/ BFF Louis

The girls sit down with their good friend, Louis to learn why they're single from a guy's perspective. The 3 talk best and worst Valentine's Days, ans...
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Score W/ Ethan Maccoby

Alyssa chats with the creator of Emo Night Brooklyn Ethan Maccoby to talk about everyone's favorite event, Emo Night Brooklyn! They talk about what it...
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Score W/ Celebrity Cheat Lists

The girls are back to talk celebrity cheat lists, Urban Dictionary sex stuff and ranking butt stuff activities. Make sure to go to ...
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Score W/ The New Year

The girls are back for the Dirty 30! They answer your questions, get into a prostitution debate, talk first date etiquette and as always, complain abo...
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Score w/ Eric Mirlis

Description: The girls got another batch of DM questions this week from college aged guys and get real about what life is really like post-college. As...
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Score w/ Roomies!

The girls are finally roommates! They talk about what it was like to move in, how Amanda feels about city living, and what it's been like to go from l...
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Sc ore w/ Sophie Julia

Alyssa and Sophie talk about what it's like to be wasted with strict parents, why they're single and Snapchat etiquette- it goes wayyy beyond not send...
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Score w/ The Girls

Alyssa and Amanda are on their own this week but that doesn't stop things from getting super weird. The girls talk about the right size for a butthole...
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Score w/ Carrabis & Stingray

The girls sit down with Jared Carrabis to talk Halloween, online dating, and of course... baseball. Plus, Stingray Steve is back to share 2 R Rated Ha...
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