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A Scot drinks whisky, and tells you about it; I’ll taste one malt or blend every episode, but there’s no set schedule for new episodes. This is not an authoritative guide; I’m just someone who has found he loves whisky and who wants to share my favourites and my new discoveries.


You join me this episode from my armchair in my living room, thanks to a new podcasting setup, to taste a whisky that’s intrigued me for years, to thi...
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Nikka Pure Malt 21 year-old

On World Whisky Day 2018, welcome back to Scotch – and we raise a glass of a very special Japanese whisky – from the distillery started by the father ...
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Hibiki 21 year-old

It’s my birthday, so I finally opened the 21 year-old Hibiki I brought back from Japan. I was not disappointed. Plus, the two ways whisky can get its ...
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Hibiki 12 year-old

Tasting the terrific 12 year-old Hibiki Japanese blended whisky… in Japan! Joined by my brother-in-law, we discuss this accomplished blend, why Scotti...
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Aberlour 10 year-old

I have discovered my new go-to single malt – join me and discover it too. Plus, what the bally hell does ‘whisky’ mean anyway?
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