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S11E3 SFF Lower League Preview

For our latest episode, the two John’s are joined by a selection of guests. We have reigning Lower League Predictions champion Ally Graham, Davie Iron...
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S11E2 SFF Premiership Preview

A new season is upon us with it being the most anticipated season in quite some time. Fans are back after a season which will be remembered for differ...
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S11E1 European Excitement

t’s the start of a new podcast season and John is joined by Erin and Scott M to preview our teams who are playing in Europe this week. The show kicks ...
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S10E84 Scot Squad Six

In the last episode of season 10, we have a special with two John’s, two Scott’s, Krys and Erin. We cover the game against Croatia, the buzz that is s...
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S10E83 Euro 2020 Group D Special

On the latest podcast the two John’s and Scott are delighted to welcome returning guest Russell from 3 Lions Podcast and a first time guest in Lovre f...
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S10E82 Scotland Schickened

On our latest Euros special we have the two John’s on, Scott and Ross who makes his second appearance on the podcast. Ross is in the process of writin...
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S10E81 Euros Extravaganza Preview

We have a seven a side team that needs no introduction as we preview Euro 2020 but I’ll give you one anyway. The two John’s are joined by regulars fro...
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S10E80 Euros Bonanza

In the latest of our Euros preview specials, John has THREE guests on the one show as he is joined by Hampden Announcer Graeme Easton, Sky Sports News...
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