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A guide into all that crawls through the night: urban legend, horror film and literature, true crime and more! This is your source for the spooky, your friend for the freaky, and the service for all things bizarre.

Camp Horror Pride

They're quuueeeeeer. Hey y'all, happy late Pride! We are here with Eric, a camp connoisseur, to discuss the relationship between camp, queer...
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It's the Cults Episode!

Wow, we are sorry for the hiatus. But thanks to Sound Guy Pete, we're back in business baby! And what a better time to rededicate yourself to Scr...
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It's the Found Footage Episode!

Join us and special guest, Jessica Sanchez from Skewed Press as we discuss all things amateur cinematography. Visualize this episode in the most cozy,...
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Perfect Blue (1997)

Wow, someone convinced Jenna Junior to watch anime and she surprisingly enjoyed it! That someone is our guest, Livia, who gives us an exhilarating, in...
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