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What is my show about? Well tune in and find out! Subjects we talk about can be from deep space tachyons to why do farts stink in the shower. I hope you enjoy it. Support this podcast:

#147- Einar Haraldsson

From Iceland police force to LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department), to secretary General of national police association, to acting! This man went from...
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#145- KULICK

Today I am joined by Jacob Kulick (born April 11, 1992), also known as KULICK, is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental...
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#144- Soho Johnny

Today I am joined by Soho Johnny. Soho Johnny (John Pasquale) is a New York based philanthropist who created, a non-profit, whose mis...
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#143- Rocky Kramer

Today I am joined by musician Rocky Kramer. Born August 3, 1990), Rocky Kramer, is a Norwegian-American guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and b...
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