Screen of the Crime

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A podcast where a twenty-something-year-old talks about true crime and movies/TV shows that kinda, maybe, sorta relate to the crimes. Support this podcast:

Episode 88 Hans Schmidt & Fleabag

In this episode, Maggie talks about catholic priest Hans Schmidt and how he killed his "wife" and guest Dante compares it to dark British comedy Fleab...
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Episode 87 Elli Perkins & Split

In this episode, Maggie talks about the Church of Scientology and the murder of Elli Perkins. The guest this episode Laurel compares it to Split, Crim...
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Episode 85 Charles Cullen & Scrubs

In this episode, Maggie talks about killer nurse Charles Cullen with her amazing guest Emily. Emily compares it to Scrubs and an anime I don't know ho...
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