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Disability Golf & Curling news from Scotland

The SDGC Podcast 15

Welcome to episode 15 of the SDGC Podcast, with contributions from Gordon “The Legend” Latto and Fiona and Lloydigolf + a we reminder for the membersh...
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The SDGC Podcast 14

Episode 14 of the SDGC Cast has contributions from the current Scottish Open Champion, the latest on the restart of the SDGC Free Lessons Programme an...
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Sdgc Cast 13

The SDGC Cast 13 and a load of updates and games for the 2020 season. A look at some future team competitions being arranged by the SDGC and some comm...
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The SDGC Cast 12

Episode 12 of the SDGC Cast has some more profiles of those folks from across the pond, who will play in the 25th Anniversary Phoenix Cup and an infor...
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The SDGC Podcast 10

Here we go into episode ten of the SDGC Cast and more info on those Yanks coming for the Phoenix Cup, loads of news and questions answered, as well as...
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SDGC Cast 9

Episode 9. The Yanks are coming, Stumpy’s Bits, Hamill’s Humph’s, & the SDGC 2020 majors. Check out the latest news on golfers with disabilities at ht...
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SDGC Cast 08

Episode 8 of the SDGC Cast and introductions to the Captain & Vice Captain of the 2020 Phoenix Cup US Team + news on the SDGC HUB’s and an interview a...
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