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The Second Rate Superfans bring you reviews from your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games once a month.  We'll let you know what we're watching  and if it's worth your time.  We're not experts.  We're Second Rate Superfans hosted by Brian and Jordan.  Email us at follow us on Twitter@SuperfanTweetsand like us onFacebook.Music:

Suicide Squad Extended Cut

This week the guys are back to talk about a ton of Random Fandom.  Jordan talks about Death of X the new Marvel 4 issue mini-series.  Jordan talks Bla...
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Rocky & Other Random Fandom

This week Chris might have seen Rocky and he might tell us what he thinks.  Joe talks about Mr. Robot Season 2 and Jordan gives us his thoughts on som...
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No Man's Sky & Other Fandom

This week we welcome a new cast member Jordan and then talk more about No Man's Sky and their thoughts on it now that they've had time to get some hou...
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Suicide Squad & Random Fandom

In this first episode of Second Rate Superfans hosts Brian, Joe, Chris and Jason talk about what they've been watching or playing and then dive right ...
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