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Seedling is a podcast for anyone seeking personal growth. Seeds have everything they need inside to push above the ground and flourish, and just like seeds, we have our own resources to take those first steps towards growth. Hosted by writer and self-worth coach Kat Nicholls, Seedling gives you the tools you need to discover those resources and nurture them. Each episode will tackle a different subject, looking at personal development and mental wellness from all angles. If you’re looking for gentle support and a safe space to explore your inner power, you’re in the right place.

What it takes to build confidence

In this episode I want to dig under the skin of confidence. I want to pull it apart and see what it’s made so we know how to build it. I also want to ...
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Letting go of negative habits

Today I want to talk about habits. They really are the foundation of our days, so I want to explore how we can let go of negative ones, be more flexib...
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Let's talk about imposter syndrome

In today’s episode we’re going to be diving into the topic of imposter syndrome, including what it is, whether or not it’s actually a problem we need ...
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Questioning societal expectations

Welcome back to Seedling and to season four! In today’s episode I’ll be catching you up after the season break, telling you more about season four and...
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